Designer Yann Seabra’s snowy terrain quickly transforms into a magical lunar landscape, complete with astronaut and moon buggy.  ***** Upstage Manchester

The light metallic ringing of the glockenspiel complements Robinson’s pointe work and Yann Seabra’s Swarovski-sponsored costume design – all elements join together in their delicate intricacy.  

Yann Seabra's designs are magical. **** Guardian

Yann Seabra’s use of space and attention to detail shone. Wandering around the somewhat ghostly sets, we were able to read hotel entries from the night his wife disappeared, and letters she had written to herself. Even when the performance had ended we were thanked by porters from the fictional hotel, which created a truly immersive experience. ****Everything Theatre

Yann Seabra’s excellent set is a lop-sided, crucifix-style platform complete with TV screen in the base and trapdoors that enable bodies to come and go and even allow for a demonic birth and a realistic beheading

 Yann Seabra who creates a myriad of locations within one using parts of Borough Hall not usually seen by the public – and are unlikely to be seen in this way again.

Yann Seabra’s clever designs transfer Andersen’s fable to the imaginary Italian city of Santo Stefano sul Tuscio with simple-seeming sets and props — a giant moon, a lamp post, a cityscape of tiny cardboard houses.  ****